Tool Guide: Persona by WRKSHP tools

Tool Guide: Persona

35+ pages pdf tool guide plus A4 and A1 sized print-ready canvases in high resolution. Includes a detailed one-day workshop screenplay and examples. Get started right away! 🚀

🤔 Understand your customer better!

The Persona Tool Guide is a step-by-step guide to the tools you need to really understand your customer. Find out what makes your customers tick, what they really care for, and keep track of their deepest needs. Get to know your customer better today.

Who should use this Tool Guide?

✅ (Aspiring) Entrepreneurs
✅ Corporate Innovators and Intrapreneurs
✅ Founders
✅ Product Owners
✅ Marketeers 
✅ Salespeople
✅ Small Business Owners
✅ Students

Basically anyone looking to better understand their customers benefits from using the Persona Tool Guide. 

Detailed examples

Includes filled example canvases with explanation. New examples added in the latest version.

Step-by-step guide

A detailed step-by-step guide with everything you need to create effective personas using the Persona Canvas

Background and theory

Learn why and when you can use  personas in your design journey, what makes a good persona, and what to watch out for

Print-ready files

Includes the Persona Canvas on A4 and A1 (extra large) size, ready to print and free use in your own workshops, as well as a Powerpoint Template.

What you'll get in this Tool Guide

📘 High quality well designed e-book
🔑 Immediate access to the complete content
Step-by-step instructions
🔬 Detailed examples with explanation
🔧 Downloadable canvases to use in your workshops
🙌 Extra links and resources to dive even deeper
👉 Workshop Screenplay to run your own workshop

What's included?

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A4 Persona Canvas.pdf
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WRKSHP Template Persona.pptx
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Persona Screenplay.pdf
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WRKSHP Tool Guide Persona All
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