Course: Find Your Next Startup Idea

Learn how to quickly and reliably come up with hundreds of amazing new ideas and business models for your next startup.
Module 1. Introduction
What is a Startup Idea? Why do you need one? When is it a good idea? This first (primer) section dives right in with some of the core concepts we'll use throughout the course, and gives you a detailed overview of what's in the rest of the course. 

Course Overview
Innovation: Going from 'Zero' to 'One' (*)
The Startup Journey
Why it is hard: Inertia and Uncertainty
Search vs Execute
Nine Key Ingredients for a Successful Innovator
It's not magic
The creative process
Don’t be a planoholic
Your Logbook
Checklist - Before you start
Reading List Module 1
Module 2. Goals
Before you start on the - potentially life changing - journey of building a startup, you need to know why you want to do that. That is important, among other things, because it will help you decide the best direction to take later on.
What is a ‘good’ startup idea?
Tool: Ikigai
Tool: Golden Circle
Your Starting Point
Tool: Design Criteria
Checklist - Module 2
Reading List Module 2
A4 Golden Circle Canvas.pdf
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A4 Ikigai Canvas.pdf
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A4 Design Criteria Canvas.pdf
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A1 Golden Circle Canvas.pdf
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A1 Design Criteria Canvas.pdf
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A1 Ikigai Canvas.pdf
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Module 3. The Problem you Solve
Let’s face it. The point of view you have defined in the previous model is just a nicely packaged stack of assumptions, since they have not been tested against the real world.

You need to start understanding what the problem you want to solve and your point of view mean to the people that have the problem in the first place: your customers. What do they think?

Learn to fall in love with the problem.
Your Point of View as a Mental Model
Curiosity as your Superpower
Understand the problem
Your Customer
Tool: Persona Canvas
Tool: Customer Journey Canvas
Reading List Module 3
A4 Customer Journey.pdf
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A4 Persona Canvas.pdf
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A4 Customer Need Canvas.pdf
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A1 Persona Canvas.pdf
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A1 Customer Journey.pdf
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A1 Customer Need Canvas.pdf
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Module 4. Generating Ideas
There is no single right solution. It's vital to come up with a lot of options to choose from, and you can use creative tricks to make coming up with them a lot easier!
How to Trick Your Brain into going into Creative Mode
Creativity happens when you get out of the way
Getting More Ideas
Exercise: Creativity
Module 4. Creativity Quiz
Starting points for Innovation
Ideation - What If questions.pdf
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Tool: Wall of Ideas
Example: Robinhood
Tool: Creative Matrix
Tool: Business Model Patterns
A3_Business Model Patterns.pdf
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100 ideas that show up in every ideation session
Reading List Module 4
Module 5. Filtering Ideas
he last module has probably left you with somewhat of a problem. 

The chances are, you have generated hundreds of possible options. And once you generate hundreds of different ideas for your business, how do you choose which ones to work on first? How can you make an informed choice? What are the tools you can use to help you? 
Filtering Ideas
Filter Techniques
Tool: Affinity Map (Clustering)
Tool: Sorting
Tool: Risk / Reward Matrix
Tool: Mini Propositions
Tool: SWOT Canvas
Tool: Design Criteria Score Card
Checklist Module 5
Reading List Module 5
Exercise: Validate your Mini Propositions
Design Criteria Scorecard Template
A4 SWOT Canvas.pdf
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A1 SWOT Canvas.pdf
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A4 Risk Reward Matrix.pdf
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A1 Risk Reward Matrix.pdf
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Module 6. Validating Ideas
All those ideas may look super promising, but they are built on a shaky foundation of assumptions. If one or more of these assumptions turn out to be wrong, the whole house of cards can come tumbling down. Validation is about testing those foundations early, before building too much on top of them.

What is validation?
Exercise: Back of the Napkin
Bring on the 'Science'!
Riskiest Assumptions
Your Hypothesis
Define your Experiment
Prototypes and Types of Experiments
Finding Respondents
Pivot or Persevere
Validation and Statistics
Tool: Riskiest Assumption Canvas
Tool: Experiment Canvas
Tool: Experiment Outcome Canvas
Checklist - Module 6
Reading List Module 6
Visual Startup Calculator
A4 Experiment Outcome Canvas.pdf
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A4 Experiment Canvas.pdf
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A1 Experiment Canvas.pdf
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Startup Calculator (Google Sheet)
Module 7. Iterate!
Now that you have gone through a round of validation for your ideas, it is time to check if you have reached your goal, and to decide your next course of action. 
Did you reach your goal?
Reading List Module 7